5 Options When Your Fiancé Doesn’t Like Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are of the most traditional aspects of getting legally married. But not everyone enjoys the look or feel of engagement or wedding rings. If your fiancé isn't big on rings, you can still find a great option that reflects their personality and your relationship. Here are five ideas for any couple and any budget. 

1. Tone Down the Bling. While most people agree that 'bigger is better' when it comes to engagement bling, it's not a requirement. A simple band can be very beautiful without a large center stone. Dress it up with small diamond or gemstone 'chips' on the band itself or keep it simple with just the shiny metal. Show your love with a personalized engraving on the inside. 

2. Try Alternative Materials. Customize the ring you give your partner by choosing a unique material instead of the traditional gold or platinum. Wood rings, for instance, are particularly popular among today's grooms. These carry a unique visual appeal and can be carved in any design you wish. Silicone bands are a good choice for anyone whose hobbies, sports or job makes wearing traditional metal rings a risk. 

3. Choose A Different Gem. A nontraditional bride or groom may not like the idea of a diamond engagement ring. If this is the case, remember that there is a rainbow of variety when it comes to gemstones. Replace the diamonds with fascinating black diamonds, purple garnet, retro citrine, or exotic jade. You can use their favorite color or stone, and you can even design a ring that looks nothing like traditional choices. 

4. Give Other Jewelry. If your fiancé just doesn't like wearing rings at all, you can still give them a meaningful token for your proposal. A ring, for instance, makes an excellent pendant on a necklace chain. You might consider fun alternatives, such as a charm bracelet that you fill with mementos of your journey together. Any jewelry could take the place of a ring, as long as it symbolizes your love and your commitment. 

5. Include Two Rings. One ring may not be suitable for all occasions. Including two rings with targeted purposes can solve some dilemmas. While a simple ring solves the problem of a fiancé who can't wear diamonds at work, for example, it doesn't provide flexibility about ring wearing at other times. A simple band for work and a fancier engagement ring for special occasions provides a choice about what to wear and when. 

Which of these ring strategies could make your fiancé comfortable and happy with their engagement jewelry? No matter what route you take, the result will be the perfect complement to your new chapter as a couple.