Three Ways To Wear Crawler Earrings

If you've recently seen a celebrity wearing crawler earrings in some videos or you've seen an online advertisement for this unique type of jewelry, you might be excited to buy a pair for yourself. Many fine jewelry stores carry many different pairs of crawler earrings, so you can browse what's available and choose a pair that resonates with you. While you might be keen to wear these earrings in the conventional manner, you also have the option of wearing them in some other ways, too. Here are three other ways that you can wear crawler earrings.

Two Crawlers In One Ear

Crawler earrings can be all sorts of different lengths. While it's possible to buy a style in which the earring is long enough that it will cover much of your ear, shorter options are also available. If you have multiple piercings in one or both of your ears, one option is to wear two short crawler earrings in the same ear. You'll slide the post of one earring through your lowest piercing and find another piercing higher in the ear for the post of the other earring. If you like this style, you'll want to focus on short crawler earrings — and be sure to buy two pairs so that you'll have four total earrings to achieve this look.

Paired With Others

While it's normal to simply wear one crawler earring in each ear, you also have the option of pairing them with another pair of earrings. If you like this idea, think about what earrings you already own and try to buy a pair of crawler earrings that would match or complement them. You could wear a stud or dangler earring in your lowest piercing and then wear a crawler earring higher up on the ear.

In One Ear

If you want to have a funky look with your new crawler earrings, one idea to consider is wearing one of the earrings in just one ear, while wearing a different earring in the other ear. Mismatched earrings can often be a stylish look. Some people like to choose two different earrings that have a similar style, but you can also choose earrings that are completely different if you favor this look. To view a selection of crawler earrings and pick out one or more pairs that you'll be excited to start wearing, check out a fine jewelry store in your area.