Essential Diamond Care Tips

Your diamonds might be your best friend, but make sure to treat them like good friends by taking great care of them. There are many things that can dull a diamond, that can cause damage, or that can cause you to lose your diamond.

Store Carefully

When storing your diamond jewelry, do not place it against other jewelry because you will cause scratches. One of the best ways to store your jewelry is to place it in a fabric-lined jewelry case. Each piece of jewelry should be placed in an individual compartment. Another option is to individually wrap each piece of jewelry in fabric.

Be Careful When Handling Diamonds

When removing your jewelry, wipe the diamond jewelry with a piece of cloth in order to remove perspiration and oil. Avoid touching your diamonds except when necessary because the grease from your fingertips can get on them. Do not put on your diamond jewelry until after you have applied your makeup. 

Your jewelry should only be worn on special occasions. It should never be worn when performing yard work or when exercising. Do not wear diamond jewelry when cleaning because you will expose it to chemicals. Also, never wear jewelry in a pool, which will expose it to chlorine. Take your diamond jewelry off before you take a shower. Lotions and soaps can alter the optical properties of your jewelry, causing it to look dull. For everyday use, purchase less-expensive, everyday-wear jewelry if you still want to wear jewelry while working.

Clean Diamonds Regularly

To clean diamond jewelry, soak it in a degreasing solution. Once the jewelry has been removed from the cleaning solution, it should be brushed with a soft toothbrush. The toothbrush should be one that is used only for cleaning diamond jewelry. The bristles of the brush will allow for you to reach hard-to-reach places. However, you will not want to scrub jewelry that is very fragile, such as estate jewelry. Do not clean the jewelry in a location where the diamond can fall down the drain. You may lose the diamond forever, and if you can retrieve it, you may get gunk on it. Do not clean your jewelry with harmful solutions because this can cause damage. Not only will abrasive chemicals potentially be harmful to jewelry, but they might also erode the metals that the jewelry is set in. 

Make sure that your diamond jewelry is checked regularly by a professional for loose prongs. Also, the jewelry's general condition should be inspected so you can receive advice on how to best care for it. Diamonds can be a lot of work, but given how valuable they are, it is worth putting in the effort.