4 Tips For Rocking Out With Fashion Jewelry

If you shy away from wearing costume or fashion jewelry, this spring is a great time to experience with wearing jewelry again. Here are a few tips that will help you successful pair your jewelry with your outfits.

#1 Go Big In One Place

If you have really big statement statement earrings or necklace, you are not going to wear them together. When you have a pair or earrings or a necklace that are really big and oversized, and designed to make a statement, they should be allowed to shine on their own. 

Keep your other jewelry simple when wearing an oversized fashion statement. For example, if you have big earrings, wear a simple necklace. If you have a large necklace, go with more simple and straightforward earrings. 

#2 Complement Your Jewelry

You don't have to wear jewelry that matches; everything doesn't have to be a part of a set. However, you should try to make sure that your necklace and earrings complement each other and any rings and bracelets that you wear complement each other as well. 

Your jewelry doesn't have to be matchy-matchy; it just has to look good next to one another. 

#3 Mix Things Up When Layering

If you want to layer the necklaces that you are wearing, be sure to mix it up. If you have on a really thick, medium length necklace, you should pair it with a long or short thin necklace. If one necklace has lots of bold colors, maybe the other necklace can have a more simple color tone.

Try to pair necklaces that are different colors, lengths and widths together in order to get the most visually appealing look. Boho-chic jewelry is often a good avenue for this. You can check out brands, like House of Harlow, that offer this type of jewelry.

#4 Make Sure It Adds To Your Outfit

Fourth, make sure that your jewelry adds to your outfit. Check your outfit out on the mirror and make sure that your jewelry adds to your outfit. 

For example, if your outfit is short sleeved, it could look really great with some layered bracelets. If your outfit has a high collar, a big, short chunky necklace may take away from how your outfit looks. Try and make sure that your jewelry works with the lines of clothing and flow with the lines; your jewelry should not work against or take away from your outfit. 

This spring, try and add jewelry to your outfit a couple of times a week. Choose jewelry whose colors complement each other, vary the sizes of your pieces and make sure that they work overall with your outfit.