Learn What To Expect When You Go To Get A Ring Resized

As people age, it is common for them to gain weight. When you gain weight, the jewelry that once fit you perfectly often becomes too tight and uncomfortable to wear. If you have found that a ring you once loved to wear is too tight to wear comfortably, consider having it resized to fit your finger once again. Use the following guide to learn how to have a ring resized to fit your finger when you have gained weight.

Have Your Finger Measured

The first thing that will be done is a jeweler will measure your finger. He or she will have a ring guide that has multiple rings of different sizes built onto it. The jeweler will slip the different sized rings over the finger that you want to wear your ring on until they find one that fits you nicely. It is important to note that you do not want to choose a size that fits your finger too snugly because you need to compensate for days when you retain water and your fingers swell slightly.

Purchase the Metal that Will Be Used to Resize the Ring

Next, you will need to purchase the metal that will be used to resize the ring. Talk to the jeweler to find out how much metal is needed to extend the ring as much as it needs to be extended. You can then choose to purchase the metal from the jeweler or purchase it on your own from somewhere else. You can often find great prices on jewelry that can be melted down and used to resize a ring at a pawn shop. You need to know the carat of metal the jeweler needs to pair with the metal that was used to create your ring before you make the purchase though.

Have the Ring Resized

Once you have the metal that will be used to resize the ring, bring everything to the jeweler. The jeweler has a few options when it comes to resizing the ring. If it is a solid band, he or she could melt down your old ring and the new metal that you purchased to create a new band that is larger and fits your finger better. If your ring has a stone in it, he or she can split your ring and mold it with the new metal to resize the ring.

Be sure to try on the ring before you leave the jewelry repair store. If you notice that the ring still feels too tight, you need to let the jeweler know so that he or she can address the issue right away.