How To Give Jewelry Gifts For Your Wife And For The Other Women On Your Christmas List

Have you decided that you want to give jewelry to your wife, your daughters, and other women on your Christmas list? If so, that is more than likely a very good idea. After all, which gal doesn't love jewelry? From planning what you'll give little girls to obtaining a jewelry loan, here are some ideas that might help you to give the right jewelry to everyone on your list:

Get A Loan - Since you've decided on buying jewelry, you may have decided that a jewelry loan is in order.

  • For example, you may have the knowledge that you are going to be receiving a healthy Christmas bonus at work.
  • The bonus may not come in time to do your jewelry shopping. If so, getting jewelry loans are probably a good idea.
  • Decide on how much money you want to borrow and decide how and when you will pay the money back.
  • Consider getting a loan right where you do your banking. 

Make A List - Before you go shopping, write down the names of each girl or woman on your list.

  • Ahead of time, think about what you would like to give each of them. Decide how much money you want to spend before you shop.
  • You might want to look through catalogs to get ideas. Of course, you can window shop for ideas, too. 
  • However, when picking out jewelry, you will probably want to see and hold the items you see. Think of going to a reputable jeweler and establish a business relationship with him or her.  
  • Besides going to jewelry stores, look for special jewelry pieces in antique stores. Resale shops might have great jewelry items, too.

Some Ideas To Consider - Think about the ages of each of the gals on your list and think of their personalities.

  • For example, if you are selecting a gift for your elderly aunt, consider giving her something like an antique locket or an antique pair of earrings.
  • Are there little girls on your list? If so, think about starting a charm bracelet for them. This year give them the bracelet and just one charm. You can add to the bracelet on future gift occasions.
  • Do you have teenagers on your list? Think of giving them bangle bracelets, especially ones in different colors.
  • You are probably wanting the most special jewelry to go to your wife. If so, consider diamonds or a combination of diamonds and her birthstones. 

One of the great things about buying jewelry is that each piece will probably come in a pretty jewelry box. The store will either gift wrap it for you or you can just put the box in a pretty gift wrap and add tissue paper and a gift card. What could be easier?