A Look At Common Reasons Diamonds Fall Out Of Rings

When you invest in a diamond ring, the majority of the value of that ring is the diamond itself. Therefore, if the stone falls out, it can be incredibly disheartening. Unfortunately, diamond settings that have fallen out are a common reason people have to visit a jewelry repair specialist for help. Even though diamonds can be reset into their place on a ring, this is not always as simple or straightforward as it sounds. It is best if you can avoid problems with losing a diamond from your ring to start with. Take a look at some of the reasons diamonds fall out of rings so you can avoid a problem. 

The diamond was not set properly or securely to begin with. 

There are always good reasons to shop for diamond rings from the best brands, but this is one that really should be considered. It is not uncommon for low-quality diamond rings to have settings that are vulnerable to either breakage or bending that would allow the stone to come out. Likewise, diamonds that are held in place with delicate prongs, especially melee or pave cuts that are substantially smaller, can fall out easily. 

There was residue left behind the diamond at the time of manufacturing. 

Small bits of metal shavings and debris that are naturally around during the manufacturing of a ring can get lodged in behind a diamond setting, which means the diamond will be much more likely to fall out because it is not as secure as it should be. It is not uncommon for people to place a diamond ring in an automatic jewelry cleaner and find that their diamond has actually fallen out during the cleaning process. This occurs because the cleaner's abrasive brushes push that debris loose and so the diamond comes out of the setting with it. 

The diamond ring is exposed to everyday wear and tear. 

When you are wearing a ring with a protruding setting on your hand every day, that ring goes through quite a bit of wear and tear. You may bump it on the door as you go out, catch the diamond setting on your jacket, or accidentally scrape your hand against a wall. Over time, the repeated impacts can work the diamond loose from its setting and it may eventually fall out. If you are lucky, you will be fully aware when the diamond falls out so you can retrieve it and have it reset by a jewelry repair service.