Style Tips For Hoop Earrings

For decades, hoop earrings have been a staple in the fashion game. The good thing about hoop ear jewelry is that it is completely timeless. They come back into style every few years, and they never appear out of fashion if you choose the right style. In fact, hoops are perfect for a casual, business, or formal setting so long as you style them.

Small Hoops Are More Formal

For many people, the size of the hoops matters for the occasion. If you are going to a formal dinner, wear a small hoop. If you are going out dancing with friends, wear a bigger hoop. Thinner hoops are also often associated with a casual look, so pay close attention to the size of the material your earrings are made of.

Red Lips Can Complement Your Hoops

If you want to pull off hoops, you can pair them with your lipstick. Red lips are great with a casual hoop, and a pink or brown lipstick can work well with formal hoops. Red lips also bring a lot more attention to your face, so your hoops are sure to be seen.

Pair Hoops With Other Shapes

Geometric hoops are a great way to change up your look and set your earrings apart from other types of hoops. For example, some hoop earrings have triangles and squares inside them. They are quite trendy and pair well with leather jackets, t-shirts, and a variety of other looks.

Mix and Match Hoops

Hoops can be mixed and matched based on the sizes of the earrings you have. You can pair large hoops on your lobe with smaller hoops for piercings higher up on the ear. This is a chic look that is sure to draw attention.

Textured Hoops Offer Personality

Textured hoops offer some insight into your personal style. While a sleek, untextured hoop is classic, textured hoops can also provide you with some flair. If you want to wear earrings to work, look for textures that help you shine. Explore various options for Moonchild hoop earrings

Try Different Sizes for Your Face

Differently sized hoops work better for your face shape. If you have an opportunity, try on a small hoop and a large one. You might find that one complements your style more than the other.

Hoop earrings are a tried-and-true style that anybody can pull off. Just know the occasion and what looks best on you to ensure you look your best.