3 Tips On Caring For Your Custom Jewelry

One of the best aspects of custom jewelry is its uniqueness and being able to display a one-of-a-kind work of art as an accessory. While caring for jewelry of this type is important, it's also relatively easy. Read on for three tips on making your custom jewelry last a lifetime. 

1. Store Properly

Jewelry storage may not be something you've given much thought to in the past. Many people have a drawer, box, or even just a dresser top where jewelry is thrown until the next time it's wanted. Even if you're organized enough to have separate compartments for different jewelry types, this type of storage can often lead to a tangled jumble of pieces. 

Custom jewelry can sometimes be more delicate than factory-made pieces and needs to be stored safely to prevent accidental damage. Consider hanging storage solutions such as an earring or necklace rack that keep pieces from getting tangled or earrings from being separated. 

Ideally, each of your custom jewelry pieces should have its own space. Materials that are easily scratched like opal, pearl, gold, or copper should also be stored in something protective like a fine mesh bag or cotton cloth. Remember that unless you wear your custom jewelry regularly, it spends most of its life in storage, so make sure it has a safe space. 

2. Clean Gently

Custom jewelry should not be cleaned with any harsh chemicals or abrasives. In fact, regular wear may be enough to keep some pieces looking polished without any additional cleaning needed. Be very careful about using jewelry cleaner or polishing custom pieces. 

If your custom jewelry does need to be cleaned, try a mild hand soap and water first. Be sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth that won't accidentally scratch soft metal or gemstones. Lens cleaning cloths for glasses and computer screens work particularly well in this instance. 

3. Know Your Jewelry Well

The best way to ensure that you're taking care of your custom jewelry the way you should is by talking with its maker. Jewelry artists pour a lot of time and effort into each piece and they are intimately acquainted with the materials they use and how the final piece should be handled. 

When buying new custom jewelry, ask the artist if they have care instructions available to bring home with you and keep these with your new piece as a reminder. Some jewelers may even give you a cleaning cloth or storage box to keep your new piece inside free of charge. 

If you've received custom jewelry as a gift, check the tag or box for information on contacting the artist to ask how to best take care of it. Most jewelry artisans are more than happy to help you make sure your piece lasts as long as possible. 

Learn more by contacting a jeweler that offers products such as custom jewelry.