How Large Should the Diamond in Your Engagement Ring Be?

An engagement ring is a big commitment for you and your partner — and not just because it is used to ask a person to marry you. The ring itself will be a permanent part of your relationship and worn nearly 24/7 by your fiance. So, how can you decide the best way to use diamonds in the ring? Here are a few guidelines to help you decide. 

1. Your Budget.

First and foremost, you should avoid purchasing an engagement ring you can't afford. Certainly, societal pressure may make fiances everywhere feel bombarded by the expectation of a huge engagement ring. But you can craft a beautiful diamond ring without going into so much debt that it hinders your joy. Look for a sustainable balance between diamond grandness and your realistic finances. 

2. Centerpiece Impact.

Do you or your fiance want a huge rock that will draw attention? If so, your best bet is to focus your budget on the carats and brilliance of the center diamond rather than additional ones. Many 1- to 1 1/2-carat diamonds offer a stunning showstopper appearance, while gems in the 3- to 5-carat range are considered "celebrity size." Maximize a large center stone and draw attention to it by keeping the band simple. 

3. Other Gems. 

Engagement rings don't have to be solely diamonds. You might use your partner's favorite color or birthstone, for instance, using rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, or citron. Adding other gems gives a ring more interest while often bringing down the budget or accentuating a smaller diamond. Use additional gems to form a halo around the diamond, to line the band, or to set beside the centerpiece. 

4. Your Partner's Style.

Finally, don't get so hung up on size or attention-seeking that you overlook your fiance's style. A shy fiance may not want a huge single stone, perhaps preferring a demure set of smaller diamonds. If they work or play sports in situations where a large ring might get lost, become damaged, or be a hazard, you might want to keep it smaller for practical purposes. 

If you strategize how to use diamonds in the ring design, the result will be a beautiful piece that supports your future family's healthy finances, creates the perfect memories, and reflects your partner's wonderful personality. Learn more about all your diamond engagement ring options by visiting a high-quality jewelry store in your area today.