The Awesome Truth About Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Proposing to someone you love is a big decision. Once you're ready to take the plunge, however, you also have to decide what type of ring to buy. Diamond engagement rings are the standard, but there are many cuts and styles to choose from. One of the best styles is the Asscher cut. This unique cut actually combines two different diamond cuts for a ring that's as unique as it is lovely. If it's a good fit for the love interest in your life, you'll find that there are a great many reasons to choose a ring in this particular style.

Eye-Catching Design

If you want a ring that truly flashes and that is sure to turn heads, the Asscher cut may be for you. The way this ring is cut allows light to easily reflect off of the stone. Thus, in the right light, it can really shine. This is especially true for those who choose a larger diamond. Go with a 7 carat or larger ring to really impress everyone, especially your partner.


One nice thing about an Asscher cut diamond is that it's very versatile. Not only are there different categories of Asscher cuts, but you can also choose from a range of settings. Furthermore, this diamond can be paired with rose gold, standard gold, yellow gold, platinum, and more. Each choice can lend an entirely different and distinct look to the diamond, making it easy to create a custom ring that will be just perfect for the one you love.

Reasonable Pricing

Prices on engagement rings can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Fortunately, though, Asscher cut diamonds are far from being the most expensive cut. While you should still invest in a high-quality diamond, you may be able to get a bigger ring within your budget if you choose an Asscher cut over the more pricey round cut.

Star Appeal

If your significant other loves Hollywood and movie stars, an Asscher cut diamond can make them feel like one. These rings have been worn by countless celebrities, both in the past and in recent years. Just glance through a magazine, and there's a good chance you can spot a few Asscher cut diamonds on the hands of celebs.

Ultimately, an engagement ring has to be just right for the person you love. For many people, though, the Asscher cut diamond is a great choice. If you think it could work for your beloved, start shopping. You'll find lots of choices and, with a little effort, the perfect ring for your perfect person. Contact a jewelry company for more information about options like 7 carat Asscher cut diamond engagement rings.