3 Tips For Picking The Right Wedding Band

Many women spend a lot of time thinking about what they want their engagement rings to look like. Unfortunately, this same amount of time isn't spent thinking about the right wedding band.

Since you will be wearing both your engagement ring and wedding band on a daily basis, they need to complement one another. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you pick the right wedding band to celebrate your union.

1. Maintain Design Consistency

It's important that you maintain design consistency when it comes to picking out a wedding band. This means that the elements found in your engagement ring should also be reflected in your wedding band.

For example, your wedding band should contain diamonds that are the same shape as the diamonds in your engagement ring. If your engagement ring features several different diamond shapes, select a wedding band that mirrors the look of the shoulder of your engagement ring setting.

Design consistency will help both rings blend seamlessly with one another, allowing you to achieve a cohesive and high-end look.

2. Don't Overshadow Your Engagement Ring

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when picking out a wedding band is choosing a band whose style will overshadow your engagement ring.

If you have a statement engagement ring, you want to pair it with a simple wedding band. This will prevent the rings from competing with one another when worn together. Your wedding band should have smaller diamonds than your engagement ring, and the metalwork on the wedding band should be clean and simple.

Remember, the engagement ring is the artwork and the wedding band is merely a frame.

3. Keep the Width of Both Rings Equal

When it comes to the width of your wedding band, you should use your engagement ring as a guide. Ideally, you might want the wedding band and engagement ring to be the same width. This can create a balanced look on your finger and ensure that both rings are visible when worn in tandem with one another.

It's especially important to remember to keep the width of your wedding band equal to the width of your engagement ring if you are planning to wear both an upper and lower band. If any of the rings have a different width, they will not look like a perfectly matched set.

Your wedding band is as important as your engagement ring. Take the time to select a band that will complement your engagement ring so that both pieces can be appreciated after your wedding.

To learn more about selecting a diamond wedding band, contact a jewelry store in your area.